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Name:bluemoonfics aka lovetheboys on ao3 and lj
Birthdate:Oct 11
Location:Colorado, United States of America
Fangirl. Emphasis on slash, but not entirely. It mostly depends on how well I like the characters. I'm not overly fond of a lot of female characters on TV/in movies, so I don't tend to ship them...

I do write, on occasion. My fics can he found here.

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10 things i hate about you, accents, arcana, bdsm, billy/joey, biting, blair sandburg, bmb, bondage, books, bottom!draco, boy on boy action, boys kissing, captain jack harkness, cardiff, coffee, collecting music, connor/murphy, csi, csi slash, csi: crime scene investigation, david hewlett, dean winchester, dean/sam, dom/sub, dr. gregory house, dr. james wilson, dr. rodney mckay, eric szmanda, erotica, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, farscape, fiction, firefly, firefly slash, fondling, four brothers, fox/collin, friendly hostility, frottage, fucking, fulton reed/dean portman, gabriel bowman, garrett hedlund, gay romance, gay sex, george eads, greg sanders, greg/nick, handcuffs, harry/draco, homosexuality, house md, house/wilson, hp slash fanfiction, ian/lee, jayne cobb, jayne/mal, jensen ackles, jim ellison, joe flanigan, joey/billy, john hensley, john sheppard, john winchester, john/rodney/teyla/ronon, leather, leggo my greggo, leo/jed, lfodh, little bit of everything, lostprophets, mal/simon, marauders, mckay/sheppard, mighty ducks, milo ventimiglia, movies, murder by numbers, murder by numbers slash, murphy/connor, mystery, nick/greg, nick/sean, nude art, oc slash, open-mindedness, opposites attracting, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pirates slash, pr0n, pretty boys, reading, research, richard/justin, romance, romancing the stone, ronon dex, rps, ryan/seth, sam winchester, sam/dean, sam/josh, sarcasm, sb/rl, sean/nick, sentinel, sentinel slash, seth/ryan, sga ot4, shelter, simon tam, simon/jayne, sirius black, slash, slash fanfiction, slash fiction, sleepy pups, smut, spike, spunk, stargate atlantis, stubbornly holding onto my not-life..., submission, subtext/buttsex, supernatural, swords, team bonding, team!fic, the forsaken, the real jack harkness, torchwood, toy soldiers, toy soldiers slash, ust, way too many to list, west wing slash, will/jack, will/jack/elizabeth, wincest, winchester brothers, witchblade, writing, writing slash
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